Boot Camp Extravaganza – Learn Windows Phone 7 Development

Windows Phone 7

Boot Camp 101
It all started last year with the Windows Azure Boot Camp series. The boot camp is a BYOL (bring-your-own-laptop) event format. Prerequisites for the Windows Phone 7 bootcamp include: Visual Studio 2010 – either a Pro and above product or Express – and the Windows Phone 7 developer tools (which are currently in beta) and all you need to do is bring your laptop pre-loaded with the bits. At the event we'll show you some of the fundamentals of developing Silverlight applications for the phone, give you the lab materials, and stick around for some ad hoc code 'til you drop time in the afternoon. In short, this is a hybrid event format that has some eyes-forwards elements with some hands-on elements, and some time to just play around with the tools while one of our evangelists help you come up with great ideas.

Sounds Great So Far, What's the Plan?
This is a live event where we work with you on learning some of the great new things you can do with the Windows Phone 7 development tools. We'll cover the Windows Phone 7 platform, we'll show you how to build a Silverlight application for the new phone, and we'll walk you through how to submit an application to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace (and discuss how you can make money from what could easily be a side project). Included in this boot camp format, as mentioned, will be a hands-on facilitated lab plus ample time to kick the tires and play around with an application idea of your own.

Sold Yet? Here's the Schedule
This camp is visiting about 20 cities starting in July and continuing through October. If you can't make one of these dates – or this isn't coming to a city near you – we plan to continue the boot camp series through June 2011. If you have a particular city you would like us to visit, please leave a comment or direct message @briandmoore on Twitter.

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