Chicago VSTS User Group Discusses TeamPrise - Team System for EVERYONE!

April Meeting: Java Development with Team System 

Ed Thomson from Teamprise will be presenting on using Team System for developing applications using non-.NET languages like Java. Yes, it can be done. :) If you are in a multi-language development shop, then you need to hear about this. Pizza will arrive at 5:30 PM and then we'll get started at 6 PM.

Date: Wednesday, April 23rd

Place: 77 W Wacker Drive, Suite 2300, Chicago, IL

There is now a new site for signing up for Chicago and Downers Grove based VSTS User Group meetings.  We will use this site going forward to post new events, share presentations and demos as they are available, and as a general landing pad for VSTS User Group activity in these parts.  Check it out:  


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