Chicago VSTS User Group Meets in January to Discuss VSTS 2008!

Happy Holidays and welcome back!  I wanted to kick off the new year with an invite to the next Chicago VSTS User Group Meeting.  We will be covering “What’s New in VSTS 2008”. 


Here are the details: 

The next session of the Chicago VSTS Users Group will be on Thursday, 1/17 at 6 PM. David Laskowski of Sogeti, USA and I will be talking about what's new in Visual Studio 2008 and VSTS 2008. This month's session will be at Microsoft's office in Downers Grove. If you can't make it to the burbs, don't worry. Since this is such an important topic, we'll be presenting on it again in February at Microsoft's office in downtown Chicago. I will send out a separate email announcing that session once it is scheduled.

When: Thursday, January 17 , 2008 at 6:00 PM
Where: 3025 Highland Pkwy Suite 300 Downers Grove, IL

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To sign up for the January session, please go to: