Indianapolis TFS User Group Discusses TFS 2010 Scrum Template on April 6th

So you’ve probably heard about this little thing called Agile development. You may have even tried it.  Did you know that we have several templates for Team Foundation Server that support agile teams?  Join us in Indianapolis on April 6th to learn more about the new Scrum template for TFS 2010 from someone using it.

Time: 5:30 PM Food (Pizza and Soda)

6:00 – 7:00 PM Meeting

Meeting Date: April 6th 2011

Location: Microsoft Ste 460, 500 East 96th Street Indianapolis, IN 46240-3766


Synopsis: Over the past several years the Agile methodology has taken the development community by storm. With the release of their updated software development products in early 2010, Microsoft created a series of tools, patterns, and practices, which make their platform ideal for Agile development. The new scrum template along with Team Foundation Servers’ easy customization makes it a strong fit for any organization moving to or involved in such a process. We’ll step through the new template, talk about the scrum framework, and discuss how to make it fit an organization’s needs.

Bio: During his career, Kevin has had the opportunity to fulfill many roles in the software development lifecycle, and he has seen both the joyful success and the crushing failure of software projects. Realizing that spending time on solutions of little or no value is extremely depressing, he has spent the last several years working to gain a glimpse into how to make cohesive teams, successful projects, and satisfied customers. Outside of programming, Kevin focuses on leadership, motivation, and software development process methodologies.