IndyNDA July 9th - RESTing on the Web with Dan Rigsby

July 9th, 2009 - RESTing on the Web with Windows Communication Foundation
.Net 3.5 ushered in a new Web Programming Model for Wcf which extended the library to support REST, Json, and Syndication. This session will dive into what this new model has to offer and how you can use it to extend the reach and scalability of your applications.

About Dan Rigsby
Dan Rigsby is a Lead Software Engineer for Interactive Intelligence in Indianapolis, Indiana where he has been since March of 2000. Dan has been an avid .Net developer since late 2001 starting with ASP.Net, but today concentrates on SOA, Wcf, smart client applications, and a host of other areas. Dan is very active in the community as a developer, speaker, blogger, officer at IndyNDA, and 5 star moderator on the MSDN forums for Wcf. He is always eager to help out others when he can and has been awarded the Microsoft MVP award for his work with Connected Systems in Wcf. As a certified ScrumMaster, Dan has been involved in agile techniques and project management. Read more about Dan and development adventures at or connect with him on Twitter or Facebook.

Registration - We will be registering at the door. Bring your business card or this newsletter or be prepared to provide your name and email address. We will be back at our standard meeting location: Junior Achievement Education Center at 7435 N. Keystone Ave.

Special Interest Groups
Three Special Interest Groups (SIGs) meet after the Main Presentation (around 8PM). The SIGs (Architecture, ASP.NET, and C#) feature a good hour of specific content.
Architecture: This group, led by Steve Porter, explores topics of interest to Software Architects.

C# : Jim Ellis moderates a session each month for C# developers. Thursday, Joel Dart explore Garbage Collection.

ASP.NET: John Thomas moderates Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices with ASP.NET. This month, Trey Gourley previews a series that will start in September.

IndyNDA meets on the second Thursday of every month at the Junior Achievement Education Center, 7435 N. Keystone Avenue, on the north side of Indianapolis.

Doors open at 5:30pm and the meeting starts at 6:00pm. Everyone is welcome to join us, and the admission is free.
Thanks to our sponsors, we will again be having FREE PIZZA and cokes beginning at 5:30 (while supplies last).


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