New Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server SP1 and Team Suite SP1 VPC Trial Image

So any of you who are like me, and either work or play in VPC images of the latest and greatest technologies, you may have noticed that recently those trial VPCs have been expiring.  Well, Brian Randall was busy this Christmas and has released updated versions that will last you through the end of this year!  Some of the enhancements you will see are:

  • the latest virtual machine additions or integration services components
  • all of the latest Windows Updates as of December 1, 2008
  • Team Foundation Server 2008 SP1
  • Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite SP1
  • Team System Web Access 2008 SP1
  • Team Foundation Power Tools, October 2008 update
  • the latest MSSCCI provider
  • Team Explorer 2005 (this allows you to work with TFS from Visual Studio 2005 which is installed so that you can edit and customize TFS reports)
  • the GDR for the product formally known as Visual Studio 2008 Database Edition (aka Data Dude)
  • current Process Explorer, Process Monitor, and Background Info

Since this often trips people up (because they don't read the notes like me), here is the login information:  Username: TFSSETUP, password: P2ssw0rd (this is an Administrator account)

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