Our Very Own ALM Tools "Myth Busters"

In case you missed it, June 2nd through June 6th was "Myth Week".  Mike and James from our DPE team in the Public Sector segment released these amusing videos that debunk several "myths" floating around the IT world in regards to software development.  Some of the humor is a bit over the top, but if you stick through to the end of each segment, you will get a good overview of the advantages of using an ALM product like VSTS.  Check it out!

Myth 1: My team is small, we don't need a collaboration tool!

Myth 2: Do I REALLY need a Software Development Process?

Myth 3: Do we REALLY need the latest development tools?

Myth 4:  Friday Status Meetings, Do we Really Need Them?

Myth 5: Well, I don't know yet.  Check their site regularly to see what's new!


For more general developer related topics, check out their team blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/publicsector/default.aspx 


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