Tech Tweets Consolidated! Azure, Win7 and TFS, OH MY!

Hi out there! I do have a Twitter account but honestly, I Tweet about everything including my crafting projects, what I am having for dinner (when I believe it is a Tweet-worthy meal), etc, which most of you do not care about :)  So, since so many awesome things have been popping up in the TFS, Windows, MSDN worlds of late, I thought I would consolidate my tech Tweets for anyone who might be interested in just that part of my stream of consciousness:

  • @mitrik blogged about a new CodePlex project for a check-in policy that handles keyword expansion in #TFS:
  • RT @JasonBarile - Blogged: How to undo a pending change in a workspace you no longer have
  • There is still time, sign up today! Come check out the “Real World Azure with Microsoft IT” Road Show details at
  • Keeping this handy! RT @JasonBarile Blogged: How to connect to a TFS 2010 server from a Team Explorer 2008 client
  • RT @JasonBarile "Vista is my OS I do not want. Though I upgrade to Win7, I fear no evil. Thy quality comforts me" -Book of Win7 8:6 #win7day
  • @ruffyen - As for Mantis, nothing I know of, maybe the #TFS Migration & Synch toolkit could help you:
  • @ruffyen There is a 3rd party tool to convert #TFS to SVN #TFS only leverages its build in SCM out of the box.
  • Where has this been my whole life? ASP.NET One Click Deploy & Easy Config! 10-4: Making Web Deployment Easier -
  • My favorite Win7 post so far today! :) RT @JasonBarile ... and the geeks shall upgrade the Earth - Book of Win7 8:6 #win7day
  • You a student, recent grad, or know one? Visit Microsoft’s Student to Business Website for interview tips, training, etc
  • RT ms_dev_events - Microsoft Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 full 60 day trials available here:


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