The Chicago VSTS User Group Presents... VSTS 2010

The next meeting for the Chicago VSTS User Group will be in Downers Grove on Thursday, 2/19/09.

Dave Laskowski and I will be discussing and showing off many of the new features in the 2010 release of VSTS. This information was first presented at the 2008 PDC, and then again at the local MDC conferences held nation-wide.  Because we have more time, we will be able to go a bit deeper and talk about even more of the new functionality.  The presentation will be starting at 6 PM, we will have pizza at 5:30.


For complete information, please visit the newly updated group website at  **If you would like to attend the DG meeting on 2/19, please email**

3025 Highland Parkway
Suite 300
Downers Grove, IL

David and I also plan to present this information again in March at our new downtown location so stay tuned!


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