Visual Studio Team System and Expression Promos

Have you been bummed that you cannot harness the awesome power of Visual Studio Team System or Expression Studio because it was out of your price range?  Fret no more, we have some awesome promotions to make these powerful tools even more accessible to you and your company.  Here is just a brief synopsis of the deals, go to the promos page for more details!

Get a lot more for a lot less.

Save 30% when you step up from Microsoft® Visual Studio Professional Edition with MSDN® Premium to Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Development Edition with MSDN Premium.

Bonus! Database Edition is included – get both sets of functionality for the price of one!


Get even MORE for less: Save 30% when you step up from a Team System Edition with MSDN Premium to Team Suite with MSDN Premium!

Are you using a Team System Development, Architecture, Test, or Database edition? You might be missing out on some key features that will help your team collaborate even better – features that give you a quicker time-to-market and increased ROI. Now you can save 30% when you purchase a Step-Up license from any Visual Studio Team System role edition with MSDN Premium to Team Suite with MSDN Premium. Team Suite with MSDN Premium includes all four Team System editions in one integrated suite, plus Expression Studio v2.


A 2-for-1 Offer: Buy Team System Development Edition with MSDN Premium and get Database Edition — all for the price of one!

It’s like getting two for the price of one. Does it get any better? Visual Studio Team System 2008 Development Edition is already well worth the price. Now we’re sweetening the deal by giving you Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition - its like getting two for the price of one. So you have all the features that top developers use, AND you get the complete Database Edition to expand your capabilities.


Switch to Visual Studio and save up to $250!

Every edition of Visual Studio is packed with features that make it easy to fall in love with – you just need to see it for yourself.

That’s why we’re offering up to $250 off to anyone who switches from another developer environment. If you’re using Eclipse, ActiveState Komodo, NetBeans or something else to author and debug your code, it’s time to upgrade to a better environment.


Coming in January '09: Save up to $500 on a MSDN Subscription. Get the tools you need at a great price.

MSDN subscriptions include invaluable development resources for developers and architects using Visual Studio Professional. With MSDN, you get priority access to new versions of Microsoft products, including developer tools, Microsoft operating systems, server software, productivity applications, exclusive access to pre-release products, technical support, upgrades to new versions of Visual Studio and more


Save 50% on Expression Studio Full Edition and Upgrade!

For a limited time, get a 50% off discount on Microsoft Expression Studio, Expression Blend and Expression Web through the new Microsoft Online Store. *This is US Only*.  More details and ability to purchase here:


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