Design time Side by Side poll (installing different versions of visual studio)

I became involved in the Side by Side and compatibility work items after making the mistake of voicing the fact that I did not like these scenarios. Life can laugh at you that way well enough on it’s own, but in Microsoft a comment like that is like playing with fire. I have grudgingly come to accept runtime side by side behavior, I make no claims of understanding the path forward (how do you go from three to four runtimes?) and I am now looking for information on design time side by side.

You have probably noticed by now that there is more than one version of the framework, we tried to mask this at first by making our second framework a point release but now that 2.0 is coming out there is nowhere to hide. I am really trying to get a feel for how people are using our design time components (Visual Studio). It would be extremely helpful if you could leave some feedback with your thoughts/opinions.

1. Have you installed VS2002 and VS2003 Side by Side on the same machine?
2. Are you thinking about installing VS2003 and VS2005 (when it releases)?
3. If you are a developer that needs to use two versions of VS are you just using different boxes or Virtual PC / VMWare?
4. What are the most important install / uninstall scenarios (the ones we need to get right)?  For example, a trial scenario where someone has VS2003, installs VS2005 trial, migrates all their work and then uninstalls VS2003 and activates VS2005.

I would really appreciate any feedback, I will compile this information and present it to the side by side working group so your vote definitely counts. Thanks for your help.
Rambling out