Citi Corporate and Identity Metasystem

Really a more overall business presentation about how and why Kim Cameron’s 7 laws apply. Attended by 20 + people the talk was mostly concentrated on why Banks should be the owners of Identity for users. Hilary Ward, CTP Director from Citi spoke about “Reducing Friction in the Financial Supply Chain Using the Identity Metasystem.”

It was nice to have all Microsoft attendees present at Hilary’s talk from Citi for support. Especially since she was discussing what Microsoft had shared at Burton Catalyst about the Identity Metasystem. I wonder if this means Banks should also supply Managed Cards? After all Hilary did mention that Banks have been standing in the middle of B2B and helping business and that Banks are already trust 3rd parties and that Banks have a common liability models. And that Banks are the legally binding consistent transaction models.

It would be great to see Citi or other banks become Managed Card providers, after all Hilary from Citi said: “Banking and technology are joined at the hip.”