Identity, Xbox 360 and Lego Mindstorm Robot?

How does CardSapce, Xbox 360 Controller, and Lego Mindstorm Robot tie to .NET Framework?

It’s pretty cool how Kim Cameron’s keynote at DIDW with a Legonics demo with BizTalk Services. Just a simple demo showing how when a Lego Mindstorm robot receives commands to move from a Xbox 360 controller it also communicates to the desktop what is going on and sharing claims. So when let’s say the Robot is “abused” aka asked to move to the right too much, there can be a workflow item which can kick up to ask for authentication to take place again, which starts up Windows CardSpace, where the user can select the CardSpace Info Card to submit.

Very cool demo of CardSpace tied to BizTalk Services, and Lego Mindstorm Robot. The audience was excited to see the tie in of Identity being handled thru systems.