New to SEO? SMX West 2008 Paid search fundamentals

What is PPC? Paid per click. You can utilize Google adwords. You can also write different adds yourself.

Always know it takes 5-50 times of search before a purchase happens. People begin by searching then narrow their search until a purchase happens.

Do you want to be first or second when search results are pulled up (aka blue links)? Well NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) research says if catering to men then be first if you are catering to women then 3 or 4th is better. Guess it comes from our nature of women like to find out what there is before they click, where as men want to be everywhere and will click on what's first? Okay that is what Matt Van Wagner had to say in this session.

He mentioned Microsoft adCenter tools again (adCenter Add-inBeta for Excel 2007), which is great :)

You know what was cool about this session is rather than asking questions you can type them to: and get your questions answered, rather than standing up and speaking :) So maybe if you are reading this now you can ask questions and not even be here? spooky!

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