WinFX on Vista and what to expect from Vista (Q&A)

When will the final WinFX bits be available?  

WinFX is included as part of the Windows Vista (the new operating system from Microsoft).  So if you buy Vista, starting in November 2006 you will receive WinFX.  At the same time, WinFX will be made broadly available for download to everyone. 


Will WinFX be available in the market before Windows Vista? If so, when?

No.  WinFX is scheduled to release with Windows Vista (the new operating System).


For those with critical deployments in August of 2006, will we have WinFX go-live?

Yes.  Microsoft currently supports go-live licensing with the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF code name Indigo) and Windows Workflow Foundation(WF) subsystems of WinFX, and plan on providing go-live licenses for all subsystems in a coming release.

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