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Securing Azure HDInsight with Apache Ranger & Azure Active Directory Domain-joined Clustering

Enterprise Security layers in Hadoop consists of four pillars on Azure - Perimeter Security...

Author: Anindita-MSFT Date: 12/25/2016

Connecting Azure Data Lake Analytics/Storage with Azure HDInsight Clusters

Recently, it has been announced the security enhancements of Azure HDInsight of securing access to...

Author: Anindita-MSFT Date: 11/06/2016

Step by Step approach to Copy data from Azure Data Lake to Azure SQL data warehouse using Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory is the data orchestration tool which helps to transfer data to & from Azure...

Author: Anindita-MSFT Date: 10/01/2016

#RioOlympics2016 Twitter Sentiment Analytics using Azure Stream Analytics & Azure ML with Predictive Analytics using PowerBI

[bing_translator] Last year December 2015, Azure Machine Learning Team announced the availability of...

Author: Anindita-MSFT Date: 08/14/2016

Optimizing Hadoop using Microsoft Azure HDInsight & Real-world data streaming with HDInsight Spark, Storm & NoSQL HBase cluster

[bing_translator] Last month, I presented on Microsoft Virtual Partner Tech Days India 2016 on Azure...

Author: Anindita-MSFT Date: 08/11/2016