Microsoft adCenter

What is Microsoft adCenter?

Microsoft adCenter, is a newly launched Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service with the best-converting PPC audiences on the web.

Powered by the sophisticated Microsoft Live Search engine, searching online becomes more natural, accessible and innovative. resulting in a larger target audience.

You can create you own ad Campaigns and manage them. Use the new performance filter feature to view performance data for your campaigns, orders, ads, and keywords.

Catch the adCenter demos here!! also see adCenter FAQs.

Video Hyperlink -

 MSN Entertainment shows of Kohl’s department store using the Video HyperLink Technology, which is an interactive video tool which provides more information about objects in a video when you click or even hover on them.

For example, you might want details about a product you see in the video. So as the video plays, you can move the mouse over the product to see where more information is available. Then, you can click the summary information to go to a merchandize website for details.

Check out Kohls department store Video HyperLink at: