Eternal post of a blogless mind

It was a typical Saturday evening in the city… A few of my friends and I were at the Fillmore, bar-hopping. I hadn’t bar-hopped in over 3 years, and I was tremendously excited to bar-hop. Bar-hopping was extremely common back in the good old Purdue days. Maybe I just feel like saying “bar-hopping” over and over again… Anyhoo… As we are scouting for another bar to hop to, a friend of mine who is walking to my left suggests that we visit a nightclub across town. She asks, “Should we cab it?” About six seconds later, one of my other friends who was walking to my right asks, “What did she say?” So, just to clarify, I’m going to do a Rory-ish-stick-diagram for you to understand better :

(Friend # 2 does in fact have a really long right arm) (And, yes, I’m always dressed in a Microsoft shirt looking like I’m the sh*# <sarcasm intended>)

Friend #4 in the diagram is the personne who asked if we should cab it, and Friend # 1, the one who didn’t hear her.

There was 6 seconds between the time that she asked the question, and my friend posed another one. My goal, after the 6 seconds, (after the second question had been posed) was to come up with an adequate response.


As a presenter, something you do often is “repeat a question back to the audience”. 1 - so that everybody else can hear the question. 2 – so that I, as the presenter, can understand the question better and frame the answer.

<back to exceedingly interesting story @ the fillmore>

After Friend # 1 asked me what Friend # 4 had said, I said, “So the question is, should we cab it?”. I had repeated the question so that 1 – everyone could hear it, and 2 – so that I could understand the question and come up with an answer. And I did this without thinking. I did this without knowing where I was, or what I was doing. It came from within. It had happened – I was presenting to my friends.

It’s been only a week since my last set of events. Why do I feel like I’m in sorta denial or undergoing withdrawal? On the days when I’m not talking to audiences, I feel depressed. I can’t wait till my next event comes around, and I find myself constantly counting down to my next event.

This incident was huge. Just huge. After having analyzed and over-analyzed it……….. I’m now bored of it.