Everybody loves Paul

Paul is my boss for another 5 days or so before he abandons us and leaves to join Microsoft UK. Paul was one of the main reasons I came to work here at Microsoft. In any case, this is not about me - this is about Paul (who everyone loves).

I was in Redmond this past week discussing stuff with Paul. And I know Paul’s a great manager, and here’s why :

AI : Paul, I felt more lost during the first 2 months of my job here at Microsoft, than I’ve ever been in my entire life. Is that normal?

Paul : Did you wear red girly shoes on your first day to work?

AI : Umm… Sure, but umm, do you think like thats normal, for people to be totally lost their first few months?

Paul : Do you think that its normal for people to be totally lost their first few months?

AI : Umm… Sure, but, did you plan it that way?

Paul : Did you want me to plan it that way?

AI (excited because he feels like he’s getting closer to getting an answer) :  Ok, ummm, right, but did you plan on just throwing me in the deep end of the pool, so that I’d flap my arms and paddle my legs and somehow learn to swim?

Paul : Did you not know how to swim?

AI : Actually, I did and do not (know how to swim).

Paul (rocking back on to his chair) : INTERESTING… <awkward pause> oh, and yes.

AI : Yes, that you did plan it that way?

Paul : Do you think I said yes to the fact that I did in fact plan it that way?

AI : Yes, but…

Paul : Ok, well, there you go.

Everybody loves Paul... Paul spearheaded many cool projects and had a vision for great success here in our team. Many of us on our team want to rip each others heads off and kill each other, but, we all feel mutually about Paul.

So, here's a shout out to my homie-boss - Paul. We're gonna miss you here man. Kick a$$ in the UK, and please get a suave enough pad close enough to the city, perpetually stocked with alcohol and other things guys enjoy <ehem> I shall live my life vicariously through my perception of your life. That, and, I plan to visit some time soon <sly smily face>

Ta, Paul! As I wipe a tear away from eye, I am gonna hit 'Post & Publish'…