I, harbinger

A friend recently wrote to me, and she used the word 'harbinger'. I must admit, I didn't know what the word meant. But just considering how she used it in the sentence, I figured out what it meant (I'm smart like that). But I felt kinda odd that I didn't know what the word meant right away (had it not been used in a sentence). But this person who wrote me is an editor turned writer and a nobel laureate or something. So I don't know if I should feel bad about it. Should I?

Most of the people I talk to on a daily basis, well, we're all down with this English thing. I make sure I use the words 'bandwidth' and 'polymorphism' at least once every day just to sound smart, and to make myself think my vocab is like a'ight.

Before the email made me feel vocab-deficient, I was already feeling kinda inane. I was at a surprise birthday party this past weekend. Its funny how at every birthday party, at least one serious smarty pants has to show up, and show himself up. So, this person decides to host a game of Jeopardy (he came prepared with a projector, his computer had the game loaded up, and he'd even shaved off his moustache). And the categories were "English Vocabulary", "9 syllabled words", "Anagrams", "Palindromes", "Synonyms", "Antonyms", and "Cartoon Characters". Needless to say, our team was -8200 before Double Jeopardy. So I excused myself saying I had to go drown myself in ice cold water. We did get 2 answers right -
"The logo of this clothing manufacturer is a moose." (Abercrombie & Fitch)
"This couple was on Time magazine as 2 of the 3 'Time people of the year'." (Duh and duh!)

So, I've been feeling a little, umm, thick this week, thus far.

Currently playing in my head : "Let me blow ya mind" by Eve and Gwen Stefani