live from demo'08 - day 0

I flew into Palm Springs today for Demo'08. The flight in was rocky to say the least - lets just say that the woman sitting next to me prayed during the last 15 minutes of our flight. Yeah.

I love these technology agnostic conferences!

On the way to the hotel from the airport, I shared a cab with Steve Larsen, CEO of Krugle, one of the leading search engines for source code. I checked in to the hotel and and met up with my fellow 'softies to setup our booth.

Later, I ran in to Rafe Needleman at the reception event. Rafe's everywhere!

For the last couple of weeks, I've been hearing quite a bit about this company NotchUp. It started with some of my LinkedIn homies sending me beta invites and then I started to read about NotchUp on various tech blogs. I noticed that NotchUp actually has a booth here at Demo.


Loïc Le Meur's Seesmic also has a booth here. Seesmic has also been in the press quite a bit lately, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they have to show off.


I attended the NVCA dinner later and had one of the most interesting conversations with Giri Sekhar, MD over at FA Technology Ventures based out of Boston. VC spending is at an amazing high, and it was really interesting to hear from these VCs and to talk to them about where they were investing and why.

Funny enough, I also found out this evening that one of my colleagues, Beti Cung, is married to one of the co-founders of Android. Small valley!

Needless to say, a lot happened today. Anyhow, you can find my photo-stream on Flickr. I'll also be doing some video interviews and I'll post it on to my blog.

Stay tuned...


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