live from demo'08 - day 1.5 and day 2

More companies, more demos :


The name gives you very little information about what the product is about (I'm not sure if LiquidTalk is the name of the company or the product). LiquidTalk's product gives mobile employees of a company to stay engaged with their companies. If there are internal training videos for example, LiquidTalk gives these mobile employees a convenient way to access these videos.


I was pretty impressed by this product and demo, but I ask myself how many users will actually use all the things this product has to provide? This JRE based tool is a DIY financial planning solution. The business model was apparent - there are relevant ads that show up in a smartclient desktop app that you will use for financial planning. The question is, who will buy these guys out? ;)


This Flex3/Adobe AIR based app is a HealthCare technology application. The demonstration was very swiftly, very well done. Once you get past figuring out how to pronounce the name, you'll see that the application is a way to manage details in a very efficient way from incoming patients at the point of care. The tool seemed easy enough for anyone to use, and that was very impressive.


Probably the best demo this afternoon. Seattle-based Blist, short for weBlist, claims to be the world's simplest database. This Flash based app has a visual query interface and helps anyone build a list (database) very easily. It is designed for mainstream users and even if someone doesn't know what a database is, they can easily latch on to the concept.


San Jose based CellSpin helps you publish media or text content from your phone to your favorite websites like eBay or Facebook very easily. I caught up with the founders of the company and asked them about their compeition, ShoZu for example, which I use on my phone. Their response was that CellSpin was designed with simplicity in mind, which I totally get! I'm actually going to download CellSpin right now and give it a whirl.

On a separate note It turns out Bobby Singh and Marcos Klein are both ex-Cisco. Marcos and I were even on the same team. Small valley!


Another very impressive demo! FlyPaper is a Flash based app that lets you make presentations easily. You don't need to know Flash or Powerpoint, but the app gives you templates using which you can customize your data into a presentation fairly easily. The demo was rather whiz-bang!


Redux helps you meet new people. It's not necessarily a dating site, but it could be. The site analyzes who you are multiple levels, including finding out things like which events you're attending (by aggregating this data from event sites like Upcoming etc.) thereby providing a nice matrix.  My opinions are a little tainted considering I'd read this TechCrunch review on Redux just a couple of days ago. If I hadn't read TechCrunch's review, I'd be asking myself how Redux is different from these dozen other facebook apps that help me meet friends, and friends of friends.


TubeMogul helps you publishes your videos to multiple video sharing sites, like YouTube, Y! Videos etc. What's really impressive about this tool is the analytics it brings back. It can also give you detailed demographics information, and apparently there are 15,000 content creators using TubeMogul, including Romney and Obama.


Another very impressive demo! VisibleMeasures gives you detailed analytics about your videos. It tells you how your video is being used. The demo really drove the point home. The tool measures the behavior of internet video audiences and how people are engaging with the content. With this information content creators can understand how they can better create and distribute content and how they can make money off of it. I'm guessing their business model involves having to charge large companies for this kind of information?

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