Meeting the Guy, stealth projects and schizophrenia

I've been working on a little project in stealth mode for a little while now. I'm not ready to come out with it just yet, only because, well, I feel I am (we are) not quite ready just yet (that made no sense whatsoever). But the stealth-like project did involve a meeting with the Guy (Kawasaki), that's right, the Guy(wikipedia). And 'the Guy' is going to be one of the earliest involved humans in this project, who seemed to like a lot of what he heard. So, that's one of the reasons I've been as busy as I have.

You know how some times, when you've been working in your own little shell for so long that you forget that a whole world outside of your own exists? And you've been held up doing your own thing from night to day, and all the 30 minutes of sleep you get every night over the course of a few weeks aggregate out to, well, nothing consequential, really. And then you start to think, is this real, or am I dreaming this sh*t up? You start to desire a certain amount of validation from others, who for all you know, may also not exist. And then you remember your friend telling you a few years ago how schizophrenia is most prevalent amongst people in their mid-late 20s. And then you find yourself wearing a long black leather coat/jacket talking to a guy who calls himself the architect.

So, that's that. I've been busy. But, you're really going to like what you're about to see/hear/read about - trust me on this one. Stay tuned, and keep the faith, homies. Peace out, yo.


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