MIX, BillG, O'Reilly and the guy with the trucker hat

I’m at MIX in Vegas, and I walked past this guy wearing a trucker hat. I thought he looked familiar… I realized later that, that was Tom from Myspace.com (yeah, Tom, who is everyone’s friend, EXCEPT mine… hmph…)

Myspace.com has done some phenomenal work using ASP.NET and SQL Server 2005. We got a sneak peek of something new they’re going to be launching in the next few weeks on myspace using Microsoft’s AJAX framework called Atlas. Really fascinating stuff… (I’m such a geek, *sigh*)

And as always, BillG is just amazing… When he starts talking - I can't describe it. He's just too good.

Bill Gates during his keynote

Tim O' Reilly

PS: And yeah, Vegas is pretty cool too...

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