Pandora on Windows Mobile

A few days ago, Sarah Perez reported that Pandora was available on Windows Mobile. I was pretty excited to see this, only to find out Palm Treo Prolater that the application was not supported on my new Palm Treo Pro. However today, my colleague Eric Strait pointed me to this CAB download. I just tried it, and it worked fabulously. I'm not certain this is an "official" Pandora release however.

Pandora is a beautiful application that is essentially an internet radio station with multiple channels. Pandora is a Valley crowd favorite, and has risen to the top of the list of the most downloaded applications on the the iPhone.

For my mobile music needs, I've been using Imeem over Skyfire on my Palm Treo Pro. A native application by Pandora is definitely welcome. The application is very simple which it makes it very easy to use.

Here's a video demonstrating the application in action on the Motorola Q9c: