The Road to TFS - Experience from the Field (Part 3)

So one week on, how did it pan out? In short, not bad... not bad at all.

We had about 100 users come on board on Day 1. We saw a reasonable amount of load on the TFS servers for about 4 hours, as users populated their workspaces. After that (and subsequent days), things tapered off quite nicely. We regularly see 50% spikes on the DT CPU, but these generally don't last more than a second or two. The AT seems to basically have its feet on the table.

That said, we did run into one hitch with the MSSCCI provider. We found that creating a new branch doesn't cause the provider to prompt for binding information. It simply sticks with the original, which is definitely not what we want. There is a workaround (namely to rip the binding info out of the branched project files etc), but it ain't pretty. I'm sure this will be sorted in a future release.

Looking back, we had a comparatively smooth ride, even though we targetted VS2003 users. For anyone considering such an upgrade, I'd recommend you go for it. Just remember to plan and practice everything.