Am I hot or not?

You've visited the website. You've voted. You've compared your vote to the average of all other voters. (You've wondered if the rumors are true that the founders of hotornot sold it for 20 million.)

Maybe you've also visited, but that felt a little cruel and so you went to to feel good again.

Then you moved on to more sophisticated websites, including and . 

But now it's time to get serious folks, and pass judgement on more important things... Like the hotness of websites!

From Technorati founder David Sifry: 

From a guy in Germany who also maintains a blog devoted to topics about Google:

From some feisty folks in New York City: 

Fun stuff. So do you know of any more design-oriented 'hot or not' websites? Let me know!  Also let me know if you know of any other quirky and silly ones.

This post was inspired by Carl Camera (LOVE that name!) whose vinetype website (created with Expression Web and Expression Design ) was voted best website in January by the voters. See Carl's blog post about it. Congratulations Carl, very nice!