X Factor or Geek Factor

I finally met up with Yuhong in person today. We collaborated through John Grundy years ago, and produced an ASE2001 best paper on "Generation of Distributed System Test-beds from High-level Software Architecture Descriptions".

Half way through our conversation reminiscing the research days, Yuhong said that I was totally not what she had expected, ie. a 'geek from Microsoft'. Yuhong thought it was very encouraging that 'someone like me' works in a technical role in the IT industry.

Since we're in the mood of doing a bit of personal reflection/introspection, I made the following observations about myself:

I am not a geek because:

- I don't write in 1337 as Frank does

- I am not the first to download the latest Vista build as Jeffa

- I don't build my own Bot like Dave

- I do have skirts and dresses in my wardrobe

- I do have a stack of Vogue Living and Marie Claire magazines on my coffee table

But then, I guess I might have a bit of the Geek Factor because:

- I do wear glasses

- I do write JCL, Modula-2, Miranda, CSP, CCS, pi-Calculus

- I can't wait till Kai is old enough to upgrade from Duplo to Mindstorms

- I am married to Patrick who has been programming everyday since the age of 12 but the 5 days of our honeymoon

- my best friend Paul (a games developer) insists that I am "The Queen of Geeks"

- and yes, I do think the new Dr Who is absolutely gorgeous 

Anyway, I'm happy being me :-)