Create a Demonstration Video with Microsoft Lync 2010

The other day I wanted to record steps I was doing on a virtual machine without having to write it down while working. I have two external monitors connected to my laptop’s docking station that allows me to be more productive. My laptop screen is my main monitor and I extend the display
to the other two monitors. I use the biggest monitor when working in Remote Desktop Configuration Manager v2.2 connecting to my various virtual machines.

I use Microsoft Lync 2010 for conference calls with my customers and other communications where we can share our screens and so forth, but never realized it also offered recording services!

To produce a demonstration with voice and video simply follow these steps:

If you don’t see any menu options at the top, then select the arrow next to the gear and select “Show Menu Bar”

Once the menu bar populates, select “Meet Now”

A pop-up box opens called “Join Meeting Now” then select “Use Lync” and click ok

Note: I distorted the names and pictures to protect the innocent :-)


Next, click the “Share” menu item and choose what you want to share.


Now that you have sharing started, it’s time to start the recording. On the menu bar at the top, choose “Actions”, then select “Start Recording”

Once you have started recording, clicking the Actions menu item again allows you to stop, pause, and manage your recordings.

Once you have stopped your recording, provide the necessary information in the “Stop Recording” dialog box and click OK.

After you click OK, the “Microsoft Lync Recording Manager” opens and you can see all of your recordings.


Hope this helps!