Windows 2003 SP1 DHCP export/import netsh commands failure on IA64 platform

Hi all,
 This post is regarding an issue that plagues the Windows Server 2003 SP1 on Itanium 64 platforms. The problem is that the netsh export/import commands fail on these cases with the following error:

DHCP Server import and export are allowed on local servers only.
DHCP Server export failed.

There is a simple work arround for this problem:
We need to write a small text file, let's call it test.nsh with the following contents:
show bindings
export c:\test.txt all

and on the command prompt type netsh -f test.nsh. Similarly the import command can also be executed.

This problem does not occur in other platforms.
Please feel free to contact me if you have happen to come across any other problem with Windows Server 2003 SP1.