PeopleSoft on SQL Server 2005 Whitepaper

PeopleSoft is certified on SQL Server 2005 (32 bit, x64 and Itanium). The following comprehensive whitepaper written with Oracle and SQL Server Product Team is a great resource for PeopleSoft Customers.

 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Tuning Tips for PeopleSoft 8.x
This white paper is a practical guide for database administrators and programmers who implement, maintain, or develop PeopleSoft® applications. It outlines guidelines for improving the performance of PeopleSoft applications running on Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005.
Much of the information presented in this document is based on findings from real-world customer deployments and from PeopleSoft benchmark testing. The issues discussed in this document represent problems that prove to be the most common or troublesome for PeopleSoft customers.
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