Siebel 7.7 Benchmarks on SQL Server 2005

At Siebel Customer World 2005 held in Boston last week, two new record breaking Siebel Platform Sizing and Performance Benchmarks (PSPP)  were announced. The world record for Siebel Scalability is now the 30,000 Siebel Concurrent User Benchmark on SQL Server 2005. This is an amazing performance benchmark with real world Siebel workloads that is done on a 16 X HP Integrirty 8620 machine with 64 GB of RAM. SQL Server 2005 Non Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) and connection affinity features maximised the performance and scalability of the HP Integrity rx8630 database server. Read the full bencmhark  results and get information on how it was done 

Another benchmark that really shows how much performance you can get out of price today is the Siebel PSPP 20,000 concurrent user benchmark. This benchmark was done on 4x HP DL585 with 2.2 GHz Dual Core AMD Opteron processors with 32 GB of RAM. This result was amazing if you compare to the price of hardware for the other bencharks Siebel has certified in this class.

SQL Server 2005 will change the game of enterprise applications by providing unprecedented scalability at the lowest cost of ownership.