Could I video-record your bug, please?

Have you ever video recorded your desktop while executing a test case and attached the video as a repro in your bug to the dev? I haven't. I agree it sounds cool to be able to do it, but in 4 years of testing, I have never seen anyone do it either. Most people I talk to think it's cool and proffer possible scenarios of usage, but no one seems to have ever used it at all.

Can someone who has used desktop recording and attached video files in their bug reports please reply or leave a comment as to why you guys love this concept? All feedback greatly appreciated!

Other senior testers I spoke to at MSFT seem to have a divided opinion on its usefulness, but I could not locate anyone who actually used it regularly. So, I spent some time thinking... why would I ever attach a video file in my bug repro? Because I couldn't repro the issue again? Ummm....unlikely. If I can't repro the issue I saw 5 mins ago, I couldn't possibly expect my dev to do that looking at a lousy video. Perhaps the video'll help me investigate the issue myself? Yeah - to a certain extent. Armed with the system info, event logs and stack trace info, this will be a great additional supplement. Also, if I were doing exploratory testing, it'll certainly help me to remember how I arrived at the buggy state in my system and perhaps, help me trace that path again if I am lost. But like I mentioned above, so far, I have been satisfied with system info, event logs and system logs to point me to the buggy state. I see tools like Camtasia and Test Explorer even have audio recording thrown in along with desktop recording. So, someone has gotta be using these features!! Will that someone help me please?