Hanuman - the original superhero

Last week, I was out at the movies to watch Hanuman, the new animation movie by Sahara One. Having seen Goblet of Fire FDFS(1st day 1st show), I wanted to watch it again. When I landed at the theatre, I was in a dilemma since tickets to GoF were available! Those who know what booking at Prasad's is like will probably understand the shock value of getting tickets to a popular movie on Friday evening there. As I looked around, the baby monkey on the posters splashed all around won my heart and I finally got tickets for Hanuman.

Hanuman was such a great experience! It was one of the most endearing animation movies I have watched. Frankly, I wasn't expecting the animation to be superb and it wasn't. But I have to admit the overall package was admirable. The story is narrated in the familiar voice of Mukesh Khanna (the much admired Bhishma) lent to the the hero of the movie Hanuman, of course. The portrayal of Hanuman during his childhood was a big hit with the kids in the hall, many of whom had evidently come to watch it for at least the second time. The exploits of Hanuman when he grows up are shown in a very spirited manner making Hanuman succeed in winning the hearts of the viewers. Despite having heard the story a million times, I was riveted to my seat all through the 90 minutes of the movie. The dialogues are fun and the music is excellent. The episode where Hanuman goes inside a demoness and immediately comes out just to obey her word and the episode where Hanuman uproots the mountain containing Sanjeevini to carry it back are some of my favourites! :) All in all, awesome movie and the stuff that all kids and grown ups would love to watch.

Coming to think of it, Hanuman is an obvious choice in superheroes when making a movie out of Indian mythology. Among my other favourites would be Krishna of course and Ganesha. Hoping to see more of such wonderful movies again...