Just tried BLinq

I tried the new BLinq download today and I really liked it. In fact I was impressed enough to come out of my long blogging hiatus to let you know that it is really cool. Just a simple command line call and there is a neat little web interface to your huge database auto generated. You can get in the SPs from the db using the /sprocs option. The web project contains individual pages per table and even lets you add/edit data in the table pretty comfortably. For folks like me that are partially Linq impaired yet, this is a great starting point for enabling my web apps to access my SQL db using Linq. I piloted this on my test results storage DB. I was able to tweak my app to get some interesting looking reports out of my test data. More on this as I get more comfortable with Linq. And I must congratulate the developer team on coming up with this ultra cool name – they have outdone the marketing team by leaps and bounds! ;-)


Meanwhile, I have Vista on my dev box. The drooling on the aero effect and other UI features have worn off by now. I must say search is significantly faster. The indexing used to stall my m/c occasionally but that has reduced to a great extent now. I love the new look start menu – it’s much more intuitive than the XP one. Oh and I almost forgot this one...the setup is incredible!! Boy!! It took me less than 15 mins for a network install as against 45 mins for Win XP. Long live XImage and WIM. Personally, I don’t like any of the gadgets in the side bar – but am not yet motivated enough to write one of my own