Latest trends in software testing

Check out this article in that covers the latest trends in software testing. This is written by our very own industry expert, Tanuj Vohra that runs the Program Management team for VSTT. 

Virtualization testing is something that has taken off pretty well lately - and we have been using it a fair bit internally at the empire too. With the Lab Management SKU being the latest addition to the VSTS family, we have been attempting to dogfood it in our test lab. Before the dogfood though, we have an internal team that's built a tool called Virtual Lab which can create disposable virtual machines super-fast based on similar technology. This tool has clearly upped the productivity of the team - no more fighting for repro machines, elaborate installs etc. Everyone has a host machine that can put up upto 4 VMs.

Tell me if your team uses virtualization to speed up your testing!