Testing Silverlight applications with VSTS 2010 – coded UI, MTLM and web tests

Lately, we’ve been asked by some of our users if they can use VSTS 2010 test features to test their Silverlight apps. Well, web tests will still work on Silverlight web apps since they don’t operate at a control level, but functional tests that require to identify the control type and act on each control does not yet have support for SL. Therefore, we still don’t have support for testing Silverlight controls via the Coded UI Test and MTLM in VSTS 2010. But the good news is that we are planning to plug this gap after the VSTS 2010 release to enable our users to test Silverlight apps with coded UI test.

Another alternate is users can employ the extensibility support in the record and play engine in VSTS to write a plugin to enable support for Silverlight and use it in MTLM or Coded UI Test earlier. You can write up your plugin, compile and drop it onto your test machine – and you are ready to go. More on RnP extensibility in the coming posts.