Who said taking screenshots was easy?

Continuing the manual test thread that I started last week, here is a pain point that I experienced first hand while doing a bout of manual testing during a bug bash yesterday. When I file a bug, I need to attach an image to the bug to elucidate the erring scenario. Each time I had to take a screenshot, it was a multi step process. Do an Alt+PrntScreen, open MSPaint, paste it onto paint, annotate/modify it and save and then attach to a bug. Yeah, I know there are some good tools out there which come in pretty handy for this. One good tool for this is here and it directly links into my bug tracking system also. However, as is the case with all good things, this one has it's pitfalls too, one of it being that I can't attach files to a separate work item type but only to task. I did see a bunch of such tools scattered around and each has it's own pros and cons. Do you have a favorite tool for this? Why is it your favorite? Do write to me and I'll compile a list of tools that I hear about in my next post.

On other fronts, while I was busy setting up machines for an impending bug bash and playing music on my headphones, I was forced to look up due to a sudden light difference on my monitor. I turned around to see who was blocking my window light and there was Ed Glas, looking as fresh as a flower even after a long flight. He is visiting IDC this week and showing us all the cool new web and load test stuff that his team is building for the next release of VS. We had a team outing with Ed this evening and we went go-karting at Runway 9. We formed 3 teams and pitted members of each team against the other. Ed was shredding the track apart with his superfast racing, but we had our own local champs Ankur and Abhishek finish ahead of him in the final race. Needless to say, our team, that included both Ed and Ankur won the "championship" bagging first and third spots! :)