New site features nearing completion

Common Resource Repository 1.1
We're currently in the final stages of testing a set of enhancements to the Common Resource Repository (CRR). The CRR is the underlying data store used behind several features on the site, providing a common set of interfaces and ASP.NET user controls that can be readily reused. Templating in these controls allows particular information specific to a certain area to be displayed up front, while also having a consistent paging, searching and filtering interface.

Areas making use of the CRR include the Resource Center, Workspaces directory, parts of GotDotNet Student, and shortly the new User Samples area.

The significant changes for this release include sorting (which has been sorely missed in certain areas) and ratings support. We're also getting far closer to being able to expose the data via XML Web Services that will provide another means of access to GotDotNet resource information.

User Samples 2.0
Combined with this release, the User Samples area has just undergone a major overhaul. In addition to moving the sample information (filename, description, language etc) into the CRR, we've also made some significant changes in the user interface. The samples list has been simplified, with much more information now appearing on a details page, including a simplified rating and comments system.

Watch out for these new features appearing on the site towards the end of February.