Developing Applications to Use Group Policy

are we at the time when IT pro's will start talking to the dev team about security ?
it's seems like now dev teams and IT pro's CAN and hopefully WILL work together.

Applications can be developed to take advantage of the most common type of policy setting, namely registry-based policy. For example, a programmer can create a component that includes “available” and “unavailable” functionality based on registry-based policy. Administrators then have a well-defined and simple process: They can use the GPMC to turn functionality on or off by for all affected users and computers. This type of policy is implemented using a built in registry client-side extension on every Group Policy client to process the data and manage the appropriate registry keys. Registry-based policy settings are stored in one of four secure Group Policy keys, which cannot be modified without administrative rights on the machine.

For more information, see the Implementing Registry-Based Group Policy article at