App-V: How to Adjust/Increase/Reduce the RTCP/RTP Port Ranges for Use with RTSP


Here’s another great article I found over on the TechNet Wiki that was written by Microsoft’s very own Steve Thomas. This one walks you through how to adjust, increase or reduce the RTCP/RTP port ranges for use with RTSP in App-V:


To stream applications via RTSP, the App-V server uses three channels that are carried through three TCP sockets. First, the App-V client uses the RTSP channel to set up a connection with the App-V Management or Streaming Server. The server opens two private ports (one for the RTP channel and one for the RTCP channel.) The server also sends the port numbers to the client in a response. The client then opens two sockets. Then, the client connects to the private ports that are created on the server. The application is then streamed over the RTP channel. The RTCP channel provides real-time control over the data channel.


To continue reading Steve’s article see

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