Fix: Applications virtualized with Microsoft App-V disappear after enabling drive encryption

toolsign5Here's another quick tip on an issue you might run into where an application virtualized with Microsoft App-V may disappear and no longer become streamable after enabling drive encryption on App-V clients.

This is due to the drive encryption locking the associated OSD files.  If this happens and if the OSD files are not available after several attempts by the App-V client to access them, the App-V client places the application into the IGNOREDAPPS list.

The resolution to this problem is a two step process:

1. Open the registry on the App-V client and navigate to the following location:


Under this key you will find a list of applications that the App-V client marked to ignore. Delete all of the affected applications listed under the IgnoredApps key and restart the App-V Client Service.

2. Create the following exceptions for your drive encryption software:

-^%ENV:USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Softgrid Client
-^%ENV:USERPROFILE%\local settings\Application Data\Softgrid Client

Also keep in mind that if you are using a path other than the default for your Global Data Directory or your User Data Directory configured in the client you will have to exclude those paths as well.

Justin Luyt | Senior App-V Support Engineer

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