Icons remain after a user with a mandatory profile is disallowed access to an application

One of the great things about SoftGrid/App-V is that it's so easy to shoot out apps to client machines and automatically populate the user's desktop or Start menu with the appropriate icons, but if you're using mandatory profiles this may not work as expected.  Steve Thomas wrote up a quick blurb on why below:


Issue: When access to an application is removed for a user with a mandatory profile, the icons for the application may remain.

Cause: This is expected behavior due to the nature of how mandatory profiles function.

Resolution: To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

  1. Convert the mandatory profile back into a standard roaming profile.
  2. Remove the icons.
  3. Convert the roaming profile back into a mandatory profile.


If you understand how Windows profiles work then I'm you're thinking "of course" but it's not obvious and can be very frustrating if you run into it.  Thanks Steve!

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer