Interview with Paul Schnell, CTO of AppDNA

The Official MDOP blog posted some cool information about a couple of products from AppDNA.  I have the basic rundown below but you can read the entire original post here.


The AppTitude solution from AppDNA extracts and stores the application DNA from an application portfolio and automatically analyzes application compatibility, identifies any specific issues and provides a combination of automatic fixes and remediation advice required to resolve them. Virtualization Manager for App-V quickly highlights issues in advance of sequencing, and enables complex and difficult to identify dependencies to be identified early. This results in greater accuracy, time savings and success in sequencing. The AppTitude Production Manager allows applications to be automatically sequenced during import with or without interaction with the sequencer and automatically documents the sequencing process to support the creation of sequencing recipes.


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J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer