Sequencing Apple Safari 3.1

Here's another one we ran across during the Microsoft App-V 4.5 beta.  If you're having trouble sequencing the Safari browser then this one's for you:


Issue: When attempting to sequence Apple Safari 3.1, the package hangs after the shortcut is launched during phase 6 (Launch Applications) in the 4.5 App-V Sequencer.  The same issue occurs if the package is subsequently saved and launched on a 4.5 App-V client.

Cause:   Apple Safari 3.1 will not run in an elevated context.

Resolution: On the App-V 4.5 Sequencer, sequence Safari 3.1 without launching the application during the Launch Applications phase.  This will place everything in Feature Block one (FB1) but the app should then launch and function correctly on the clients.


J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer