TechNet: Optimize Your Desktop Infrastructure



Analyzing 15,000+ IT Environments World Wide: what have we learned?

In the last 3 years Microsoft has been using the Infrastructure Optimization (IO) model, and has collected a lot of information from our customer base worldwide. In fact, approximately 15,000+ clients have been analyzed. Microsoft has dissected the 3 models, compiled the statistics and revealed the dependencies of each aspect. In this session Eduardo will go over the learning and dependencies that the analysis and 3 years of using the model have yielded. You will also see the dependencies each capability has within and across models, therefore demonstrating the value of a unified IT strategy.


Thin, Thick, Fat, Optimized Desktop… What do you use… What is Microsoft’s vision?

The market has gone from Thin to Thick, to Fat, to Slim… and now to Optimized… What have analysts said over time? How has this market grown? What is Microsoft vision? What are our current investment? During this presentation, Eduardo will go over the Optimized Desktop vision, and how this strategy focuses on meeting your current desktop requirements based on user persona's, rather than implying that one technology fits all. You will also learn more about Microsoft’s presentation, application, and hardware virtualization offerings.


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