Just imagine the best code extensibility model ...........

So with Microsoft Dynamics CRM V3.0 out of the door, we started spending more time thinking about how to start the next revolution in the CRM world. One of the interesting features of our extensibilty model is the ability to allow our partners to run cusotm code on the CRM server (a.k.a our callout framework). It basically allows you to insert your code into CRM execution path by subscribing to our platform events and registering your dll on the CRM Server. It is easy and simple to use and yet very powerful to satisfy majority of our partners requirements to verticalise CRM for different industries. You can even abort calls that are made to the platform via web services and replace them with your own custom code or simply send messages back to the caller! By code i mean any .NET assembly so you can build your custom logic using for example C# or simply connect into an exisiting library from your assembly. You can get your code to run before or after the CRM platform code is executed and register for different business entities that are present in the system, including the custom ones that you may have added to your CRM implementation via our customizatoin tools. You will also get data about the call context (what record, what entity, what user, etc) as part of call.

We are thinking about ways that we can evolve our callout model in the next version of CRM and how we can make it even better so it delivers more value to our partners and customers and enable new scenarios. 

If you have any thoughts or ideas, just shoot me an email using the contact section of this blog.....Thanks!!