MIX it up!

So, if you haven't heard of MIX, check this out: http://www.visitmix.com

It's not an acronym, it's a conference and a very unique one at that (for Microsoft, it is unique).  Microsoft is making a big play into the world of interactive design a space completely dominated by the likes of Adobe/Macromedia.  Why?  Well, customers demand it.  Not necessarily Microsoft customers per se but everyone's customers. We are living in an Experience Economy and the value chain continuum expects the delivery of a rich and engaging experience.  You'll see Microsoft talking a lot about this strategy in the form of (yes, another acronym) UX, or User Experience

I'll get back to the point of this post...  MIX is the conference for immersing yourself in what Microsoft's strategy around Web 2.0, Software-as-a-Service, and UX in general.

Want to understand what so-called 'Live' is all about?   Come to MIX.

Want to know the ins-and-outs of "WPF/e"?   Come to MIX.

Are you a designer or aspiring designer and want to learn how to deliver rich experiences?   Come to MIX.

Are you a business decision maker or strategist and want to learn about how partnering with Microsoft can help you differentiate yourself with UX?   Come to MIX.

Take a look at the content on tap to be delivered in three days of bliss: https://content.visitmix.com/public/sessions.aspx.  Notice how there are three tracks for the three target audiences: business decision makers, designers, and developers.

I am going to be there with some early adopters and customer evangelists that are hoping to show the world the kind of applications that can literally raise the bar in their respective industries (e.g. health care, retail, etc.).  Ping me if you're going because I'd love to meet up with you!  Hope to see you there!