20 km of Brussels running into the cloud

The 20km of Brussels was held on the 30th May 2010, 10 Microsoft employees participated in the race but there was also another Microsoft participant, Microsoft Azure.

Chronorace, the company behind the logistics of the race, typically experiences huge traffic peaks after the biggest events. The 20km of Brussels is the biggest running event in Belgium with 30,000 runners. With so many runners there is a massive demand for downloading clips and accessing the results website.

This demand translates into roughly 300,000 video downloads needed to be served in the next hours and days following the event, a burst that they could not handle with the current on-premise infrastructure. By migrating their applications to Azure Chronorace was able to handle the huge traffic peak after the event without disruption.

This project was was handled by Microsoft Belux together with RealDolmen as the integrator. More details about the project can be found in a presentation by RealDolmen here.

Click here to view the results page for the 20km of Brussels.