Birth of the Microsoft Belux Infrastructure Architect Forum

Since about 4 years now, Belux Solution Architects have their community platform, known as the “Microsoft Belux Architect Forum”. This has proven to be a very valuable and successful formula and hence we have decided to also bring to live an “Infrastructure Architect Forum” (and the current “Architect Forum” will be renamed “Solution Architect Forum”.

The picture below gives an overview of all the technical audiences that are currently being covered by Microsoft Belux and the names of their respective community platforms. It also shows the audience that is currently covered specifically by the 2 architect communities – as you can see, it also covers the aspiring architects from the ITPro and Developer communities as well as the more technical incarnations of the enterprise architect role.


In order to help closing the gap that traditionally exists between infrastructure architects and solution architects (no, don’t try to deny it…), those communities will have a so-called LAT (Living Apart Together) relationship: when a topic is of interest for both, like security, Cloud Computing etc, we will organize an integrated event with some common sessions and some break-out sessions. If on the other hand the topic is specific to one community, like virtualization or Rich Internet Applications, we will organize separate events. We had the first event that was architected around that pattern, last December - the Cloud Computing Architect Forum. To give you a more concrete idea, please find more information (comments, pictures, slides) about this event on the here and the video of sessions here.